Post VSD Surgery Day 4 - Battle Bowel

Hazel had a rough night last night due to her bowels being backed up. All the drugs have certainly taken a toll on her little body. She barely slept and was pretty much inconsolable all night. It made for a long, sleepless, tearful (hers and mine) night. Nothing worse than not being able to fix your baby when they are broken. Today, however, Hazel has had a great day! She seems to be feeling more like herself, offering daddy a smile FINALLY!! First time since I passed her to the anesthetist who took her into the OR. She had her Eco this morning and the results came back fine. She needs time to heal but there is no reason to believe that the surgery wasn't success. She has some inflammation around the sac of her heart but that will repair over time with some help from anti inflammatory. Very normal with this type of surgery.

So we continue to work on her tummy. Once it is in order we can go home. YAY!!! Tomorrow should be the day. Can't wait to have her back in her own crib.