Post VSD Surgery Day 3- The nurses had a plan...

Well we all know how Hazel likes when the nurses have "a plan"!!! I came in this morning for my shift at the bedside with Hazel, after her daddy spent all night with her, to find that she had kicked out the IV line in her foot, so it could no longer be used. The nurses came in and had to take out that IV line right away. And because Hazel loves having people poke and prod her, she immediately went into quite a state of rage. To give you a good idea of what this scenario looked like, it was myself and 2 nurses holding Hazel down. Again, she must have forgotten that she had Down Syndrome. Once completed with that task, they looked at the central line that was in her neck, as they needed to take more blood. Somehow, Miss Hazel, had pulled that one out as well!!! So they had no choice but to take that one out too. Hazel continued kicking and screaming the whole time.

On the way out the door the nurse looked at me and said, "well...I did have a plan when I started my shift, and that wasn't it!!" Ahhhhh, that's where she went wrong. Hazel doesn't do "plans"!!!

Needless to say, Hazel's IV lines have been pulled, one step closer to going home. Her pacing wires are also out, because why not? All her medications have been reduced and after her Echo tomorrow, they will see if she is ready to be discharged. Hoping all goes well and we will be over this hurdle soon too.