Play date in London

We had a meet up with our NICU friends in London. I am sure the staff at Earl's Restaurant was as happy to see us leave as they were to finish their shifts that night. We stayed all afternoon and had a wonderful visit. The babies were all very well behaved. Hazel slept most of the time, but she did wake up to say hello toward the end of the visit. It is so wonderful to have 3 friends the same age as Hazel and Little Hannah to watch over them all. Hannah left before I got my camera out so no pictures of her, next time. As always we enjoy catching up with the parents and sharing all our new baby experiences with each other. Nice to know there are other people sharing the same sleepless, showerless, shameless days as us, where babies yell at us for food, comfort, diaper changes and much, much more. We love you guys and are so excited for our next play date!!!!