Happy Birthday Zio!!!

Zio Brent turned 30!!! Hazel was honoured to spend the afternoon celebrating her Zio's birthday. Unfortunately for Hazel, she wasn't awake when the cake and candles were brought out. Her big cousin Owen had to stand in for her. He did an amazing job!!! After the party ended of course Hazel woke up. Good thing, Zio Brent and Aunt Jesse stayed longer than everyone else. Once Hazel was up, the next hour was spent with her sitting in her swing being given 100% love and attention. The three of them sat there and talked and played. Nothing else existed at that moment...only Hazel. As a silent observer, I could not help but notice the look in Brent's eyes. So much love, protection, admiration and infatuation with his little niece.

For me seeing my brother, who looks so much like my father, expressing this genuine and pure emotion, it struck me that this is how Hazel's grandfather would be looking at her if he were here with us today. I can only imagine and dream about the special bond between him and Hazel, I am sure he is never far from her. He is protecting her everyday. Part of me believes that is why it took so long for Hazel to come to us...she was spending time cradled in the arms of her grandfather.