Prayers for Auntie Apes

We all experience defining moments in our lives...graduations, becoming of legal drinking age, engagements, marriages, the birth of a child...that change things forever. These moments hit us like a ton of bricks, they happen and they are obvious. Its the moments that bind together one on top of the next, that build up until they suddenly push us over, that sometimes have the most impact on our lives. Its like no matter what you think it will get in, like water, it finds its way in.

I am forever a changed and improved women for having Apryl in my life. Over the years her positivity and courage have strengthened me, but it took me all this time to realize that she keeps me level. She makes me a better person. She brings life and fight and tenacity and laughs into our hearts. I have learned so much about tolerance, judgement and taking everything as a compliment. I am so blessed to have been given a friend who can teach so many important lessons.
Hazel is a lucky little girl to have the Harris family in her life and we look forward to watching our little girls grow up together, and hopefully gain even half of what I have, from the relationship this far.
Please keep Apryl, Allie and Michael in your prayers and thoughts. They are fighting a fight that most of us  would cower in a corner and hide from. They are undying loyalty goes out to them and I hope these prayers and thoughts can provide them the tinest bit of comfort and support.
Love you guys...obviously