Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mom’s, Grand Moms, Great Grand Moms, Step Moms, Soon to be moms, Doggie moms and all of the other types of moms out there. Steph is usually the one that posts on the blog but I wanted to take this chance to post about my beautiful wife and now….wonderful mother.
Thank you Steph for being the best mom to Hazel.
She is a very lucky girl to have such a dedicated, patient loving person to guide her through all of the stages of her life.  God could have not made a better match.  The way that Hazel looks at Steph is something that almost brings a tear to my eye every day (I said almost!...C’mon…I’m a tough guy and tough guys don’t cry right!?). Hazel is without a doubt happiest when Steph is in the room. The smile that she has when Steph holds her for the first time each day is something I can’t put into words or begin to describe. I couldn’t do it justice. All I know is that, from what I have been able to learn in my short time as a parent, is that the unconditional love that a mom has for their child is tripled for what a child has for their moms. They trust and love there moms without caring about anything else other than that moment, not worrying about anything other than that perfect moment and just being content being there with them.
There is nothing better in the world that will help Hazel overcome anything put in front of her, than the love that Steph pours into her every minute of every day.
Thank you Steph for reconfirming every day why I love you.
A friend of mine Pete told me when he had his daughter, he called his mom and thanked her for ‘loving him so much.”  His mom was somewhat confused at first. He told her that he thought he knew what love was. When he had his daughter it really changed the definition of the word “love” and realized then just how much his mom loved him. I couldn’t say it any better Pete.
I am overjoyed to finally be able to say…..Happy Mothers Day Steph…..man does that feel perfect.
We love you and love always
Hazel, Nico and me.