A visit to the NICU

Back to the place where it all began. Auntie Cheryl and Auntie Sandra were waiting with open arms to visit one of the NICU grads. I'm pretty sure that Hazel is their favourite, but I could be wrong.
It is so nice to be able to go and visit the hosptial, but it is even nicer to be able to take my baby with me when I leave. While we were there, Hazel was loved and cared for by so many of the nurses. I know that is partly why she recovered so well. That and her refusal to let anything get her "down", literally!!!
Most of the reason that I love my little girl so much is her fiesty, never-say-never, attitude. I am so excited to see all that this attitude will bring for Hazel in her life. Except when she decides to be fiesty with her mother!!