12 weeks and counting...

Well, 3 months old and Hazel is a whopping 8lbs. She has grown 2 cms in 2 weeks and is now 57 cms. She continues to gain weight slowly but surely. Our most recent visit to London left us proud of our little girl and her continued progress despite all that she is up against. Hazel is only gaining about 10 grams a day at the moment, (ideal would be 30 grams) but she is gaining and that is all that matters. She seems to be growing more in length, than in weight. Maybe she will be able to dunk??? Honestly, I wish I could say that would surprise me.
The cardiologist is impressed with her ability to maintain her weight despite the 6mm hole that is in her heart. This hole essentially makes Hazel feel like she has run a marathon with each bottle that she has. The good news is that the hole does not get bigger as her heart gets bigger. The hole is staying the same but her heart is growing. Surgery is still in our future, but we have not been given a date as she seems to be tolerating all her oral feeds and gaining weight. Keep the thoughts, prayers and positive energy coming our way for little Hazel, you have all helped to get us this far. We know that we could not have come this far without all the love and support from friends and family and I can't say enough how much we appreciate it.
Here are some random pictures of Hazel just hanging out around the house. Enjoy!!!
I know some of these are blurry but I had to add them...Hazel just hanging out on a Sunday morning