Where are the Nurses???

Since we left the hospital, we frequently notice ourselves asking one question over and over...Where are the nurses? We were so grateful to have the best nurses on the planet looking after Hazel. Every NICU nurse was amazing!!! Marie and Cheryl were our saviours while we were in the hospital. They looked after Hazel mostly, but I think they looked after us as well. We learned so much about our daughter and how to be better parents because of these two ladies. We miss them daily and think of them often. I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that when you are not able to care for your child, that there is someone who will. These two nurses actually LOVE Hazel and it was so obvious every time they looked at her. What else could we have asked for?

A huge thank you to ALL the nurses at Victoria Hospital for their support, knowledge and love for our little girl. Hazel would not have accomplished so much if even any one of them was not in her life to challenge and nurture her. Our entire family are your biggest fans!!!