Look how big I am now...

Time is flying by here in Windsor, Hazel is now 8 weeks old. She weights 7lbs 3oz and is doing well. Her heart condition is making it a little bit difficult to eat at times but she is doing great. We are still going back and forth to London to visit the cardiologist (and the nurses in the NICU) to make sure that Hazel is thriving and able to gain weight. Hazel continues to impress doctors and nurses with her progress. Her VSD, although moderate to large in size, does not seem to be slowing her down. She is gaining weight faster than they would have expected and managing her breathing perfectly. The cardiologist is 99% certain she will need surgery when she is 6 months old to repair the hole, however at this point there is no need for early intervention. What impresses us about Hazel is her ability to make every single person that crosses her path smile. Even if that person only has one second of contentment in their lives that particular day, we are glad that it is Hazel that can bring it to them.

We can't believe how fast time has passed, although in a way it seems like yesterday that we had her. More shocking to us is how much has changed in our lives in the last 8 weeks. I think babies make us realize just how much can be accomplished in such a short time, especially babies like Hazel. Constantly evolving, growing and adapting, despite all the challenges they have to face and overcome. Too bad people can't carry this flexibility with them forever. The unknown has brought us so many joys and so much happiness.

We are so glad Hazel has taught us to embrace the unknown and to be present in all the things we do. There are too many moments to miss out on if you are constantly living in the future or the past. So, at our house, we are busting with happiness in the good times, wallowing in pity in the sad times and gritting our teeth and swearing under our breath in the frustrating times. Either way we are living life one minute at a time trying to enjoy and appreciate the blessings we have been given.

These photos are proof that Hazel does cry and get upset at times. She has a little flare for the dramatic!!!