Sending Great Friends Off

We are going to miss our friends Holly, Sean, Evelyn and Meryl. Over the last few very trying weeks we have found a great deal of comfort in the relationships that we have gained. We have shared many meals and conversations about our lives and our children's lives together. In such a short time we have set out goals, hopes and dreams for our children. I hope that our 3 girls will maintain a friendship as we all grow up together. This very difficult situation was so much easier to face everyday because of the support we felt from the two of you. So wonderful to have gained yet another blessing under the circumstances. So lucky. We will miss you guys so, so much but know that we couldn't be more ecstatic for you to be home and starting your new lives together. Hope you manage to get some sleep!!!

Hazel is looking forward to playing with your girls in the summer when this is all behind us. Love you guys and good luck with everything!!!