Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

So Hazel is 4 weeks old now...crazy how fast time flies!!! She is now 6lbs and 1 oz. She seems to be gaining about an ounce a day. She is making great progress still. Everyday she seems to get stronger and stronger. Her stamina is increasing daily and she seems to be on a mission to prove to the world that she is capable of just about anything. She is the coolest!!!
She is mastering the art of breast feeding, which is a difficult task, especially when she has an unrealistic expectation that 3 sucks will automatically fill her belly and she will be done. So, she has forced my hand into manipulating her to thinking things are easier than they are. Hazel needs a little incentive to get working, but today she took half her feed from me in about 10 minutes (which is a far cry from 4 mls in 40 minutes like when we started). For the last 2 days she has taken 2 full feeds in one day, either breast or bottle. Today, we fed her her whole meal and she carried on until we gave her a little more. I can't tell you how happy, and relieved, it makes us to see that she has a good appetite and wants to eat and eat AND eat. So the goal is to get her to eat all her full meals, which is 8 per day (with a weight gain) so that we can go home.
Personality wise, she is really developing. She has no problem letting you know when you are doing something that she doesn't like. Her dirty looks are very entertaining. She is developing quite the attitude problem at times. She seems to have a flare for the dramatic as well so we are looking forward to see how that develops. She has this little cry/yell she does just so you know that you are really annoying her. Of course, it makes us all laugh so I don't think she is achieving her goal in getting us to stop. We can't wait until she can yell at all of you when we get home...why should we be the only ones to deal with that!!!
By far the most amazing thing about Hazel is her ability to humble all those around her. She is determined to prove that she can do anything. It seems that as soon as someone says that she can't...SHE DOES! We are so excited for the lessons that she is going to teach us all, how to persevere, how to achieve goals, how to conquer challenges and how to genuinely love and be happy. We are honoured to be her parents and wonder everyday how we got so lucky to be blessed with such a sweet little angel.

This picture below was taken right after she ate her very first full feed by breast and bottle. We are so proud!! She takes after her classy.
This picture was taken after a very, VERY good breast feeding session. Normally she is not too happy when she is on that scale...clearly mommy won this battle. I'll take what I can get.
This is her first big girl outfit that has fit her so far. She's big enough now to not wear sleepers all the time...