Hazel's First Bottle with Daddy!!!

Hazel is as determined to get home as we are apparently. She took 32 ml (over 1 oz), which is almost all of her feed at breast and bottle. We both got to feed her today...exciting!!! She actually ate 3 meals today by bottle and breast. Usually she only wakes up for 2. Hazel is doing a fantastic job and is continuing to shock us all with her progress. Her father and I fall a little more in love every single day. We are starting to slowly realize that she is the boss and that we are all too willing to give her whatever she wants. And so it begins... Also, as you all know she had a surgery on her bowels when she was just 28 hours old, WELL they work just fine now!!! It seems to us, all she does is poop. I think we changed her at least 3 times just this morning, in about 2 hours. So, great job Dr. Merritt. Mission accomplished!!