Hazel's Big Girl Bed

Hazel continues to make mommy and daddy very proud with her continuous strides in getting stronger and chubbier everyday. She has been moved from Pod C (the highest needs area) to Pod A (transition to home area). It still could be a bit yet before we get take our little girl home but we are going in the right direction. Following her lead of course!! Hazel is very determined to get home to meet her big sister Nico. Hazel has passed her birth weight by about 150g at this point and it seems her cheeks get more and more kissable everyday. She has just started getting about an ounce of breast milk at a time, through a tube still, but we are hoping to change that very soon. She is tolerating all these quick changes so well and the doctors and nurses are all really pleased and excited with her progress. Her strength is admirable to say the least.

This morning she had her IV removed so she is no longer dependent on that. Next steps are to get her to breast feed and gain weight and finally bring her home...so nice to be able to say that!!!! I can't believe I am going to say this but I can't wait to start dressing her like a little girl.

We are overwhelmed by her patience and ambition daily. We are so happy and excited to see how well she is doing. She continues to calm us and teach us to be strong everyday. I think that Hazel has big plans for all of us. Teaching us to be present is the most important lesson she has taught us so far.

I was thinking the other day that I am so excited to NOT know what our future will bring, exactly, in terms of milestones. It will force us to remain focused and present in all that we do with our Hazel in order to support her to become the strongest she can be. Although, I think she is showing us how to be strong at the moment.

Love to all...can't wait to be home!!!! A few pictures of her hanging out in her new room...enjoy!!!