Summers are for Road Trips

Just a slight precursor, this wasn't meant to be a Friday post but alas here we are. Happy Friday!!!

We have been traveling to Peterborough for a number of years now to visit family. The last couple of years we have gone with friends and spent the weekend all together chasing our kids, eating some of the best food, drinking, playing, driving, antiquing, beach dwelling, water fighting, swinging, dancing, and laughing. Lots and LOTS of laughing. Did I say drinking? 

I have to say the thing I enjoy most is watching the kids play together. Noting how much they've grown from the year prior. Knowing that they are making memories that they will remember when they are big. Hoping they are creating a space in their hearts for spending time with people they love. Feeling a warm fuzzy feeling when they think back to their childhoods and remember times when they felt that they were a part of something big - creating bonds and fostering relationships.

I can't wait to overhear a conversation between them when they are older like, "Remember when your parents brought you over and we would have water fights? And they started it?" OR "Remember when we had dance parties and they let us listen to completely inappropriate songs?"

Something like that anyway. Just know the smile will be so big on my face that people on the moon would be able to see it.


And finally, here are your Friday smiles...

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

A Vita Victory

By some miracle Tiff from Vita Photography managed to work some serious magic and capture all these beautiful photos. I've said it many times before and I am saying it again. Her work is perfection. She gets it. She gives you all of those things that you never want to forget. Even though Hazel was having a fit because we wanted her to walk east and she wanted to walk west. We wanted her to stand and she wanted to sit. We wanted her to sit here and she wanted to sit 2 feet to the left or right (just over enough to be out of the frame). Yet, she still manages to produce works of art that I will treasure forever.

She gave us this...







And these...







And her...

















This pic makes me DIE every time. If you only knew how much we are not the couple to kiss for the camera. Yet, here we are doing it and it could NOT be more perfect. Matt and I are laughing cause we feel silly. He is looking at Hazel. She is looking at him with kissy lips of her own. Nola just finds the thing amusing. It's just perfect, in my opinion.



And then these last few that are nothing short of works of art...






Seeing the finished product from these busy photo shoots always leaves me exploding with excitement and emotion. Tiff really is the best guys, CALL HER!!!!!

Sneak Peek (plus an early Happy Friday)

WE HAD A PHOTO SHOOT!!!!! Another Vita Photography miracle. I will share more soon but for now here is a sneak peek. And seeing as I am heading to Nashville before the sun wakes up tomorrow (ya I am, y'all!!!!) this will have to do as an early Happy Friday too.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Something tells me I will...



Giddy Up!!!


Thank You Buckhorn

Hello there.... It's been a while. Sad to say that summer has come and gone. I've been working on the blog a bit here and there. I'm thinking "blog reno." When I say, "I'm thinking" I mean the mastermind behind my webdesign is thinking it. But either way, I am on board. Just a little refresher after 2.5 years. Stay tuned...

Next post up will most likely be Nola's birth story, which I am super excited to share (insert jumpy claps here - I am so not a jumpy clap kinda gal but you get my point right?)

Ok - I gotta run. Both kids are trying to simultaneously trying to grab my coffee, the computer, my leg...wait for it....Nola is crying....

Here is one of the family trips we were very fortunate to have taken this summer.







Family vacation 2014 was spent on a quiet lake in Buckhorn.  The home we stayed in was in a perfect location, with the lake right in the backyard. We were treated to some beautiful sunsets while sitting on the back deck. The geese seemed to rather enjoy our backyard as well. I think we all left there a little scarred from the amount of poop that was on the lawn. YIKES!

PicMonkey Collage12



PicMonkey Collage8

PicMonkey Collage7


By the 3rd morning, Hazel had figured out which door led to her cousins who were waiting to chase her, dance with her, do her hair, and/or play with her (always up to Hazel to decide). As soon as her feet hit the ground she would walk to the door and try to escape to where all the fun was. And by fun, I mean Nana with a pack of Goldfish crackers and grapes (or again whatever else Hazel wanted).

PicMonkey Collage5

PicMonkey Collage10


PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage12

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage1


Hazel's first time fishing. She lasted about 3 whole minutes.

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage4

PicMonkey Collage1


First boat ride for the girls. Hazel loved it. Big smiles for the 10 minutes it lasted. About 5 minutes in she looked like she was going to fall asleep. Either that or motion sickness was starting to set in. On account of the fact that we are NOT gamblers, we turned the boat around and came right back.



PicMonkey Collage9



Nola was NOT a fan of the life jacket. The second it went on she stiffened up her whole body and it remained that way until we took it off. She cried a bit at first in protest and then realized it was staying on and just had a mizzy face on the whole time.

PicMonkey Collage6


Emi's special 9th birthday celebration. This pic makes me so happy. Honestly you guys, there are NOT 3 better men on this planet. They have so much to offer these 5 girls. It doesn't seem fair that we get to have all. But oh tradezies. They're ours!


PicMonkey Collage9


I barely saw my kids on the trip. They were too busy being whisked away by their cousins and grandparents to keep up. I had to literally sneak away with Nola in order to spend any time with her. I know when to fight and when to cave. There was no way I was going to win my kids attention when the entertainment and food offerings were endless.


PicMonkey Collage7


PicMonkey Collage4

PicMonkey Collage5

(love the uncle Bart photo bomb)

PicMonkey Collage8

PicMonkey Collage2


Well I guess we did find a few moments with the girls...



cig5      cot6


PicMonkey Collage11  PicMonkey Collage13


PicMonkey Collage15

That post I promised...

Just checking in. How are you all??? We are good...

Summer so far has been great. Lots and lots of family time, mixed in with visits with friends and play dates with the girls. Also, managing to get some projects done around the house. There has been a perfect balance of outings and trips with an equal amount of those days of staying home and just hanging with the girls. Nothing on the agenda except playing in the yard.

Still missing Nonno like crazy. Actually, noticing his absence even MORE as the day pass. It's such a strange thing to try to get used to when such a presence is no longer with us. Not sure if it ever feels normal.

Here are all the "smiley" photos from our family trip to Buckhorn Lake (the rest of the pics will come later).










See you back here in September. Starting off the return with Nola's birth story. Stay tuned...


Road Trip

What better than to signify the start of summer but a good ol' fashion, ROOOOOOOOOOOAD TRIP!!!!! Off we went.

3 families, with our 6 children, joined together to enjoy moments of fun, laughter, peace, great meals, satisfying drinks, and a whole lot of doing what felt easy. We rushed to get nowhere, we stressed about nothing, and we worried not about our children's nap schedule.

Except for us at around 11:30pm and our kids looked like this in the hotel room...



And then they cried....LOUD!!!!! I digress...


We had a perfectly paced, amazingly timed, relaxing little get away with a few of my favourite people. There was a lot of holding each others babes and making compromises that were good for the team.

PicMonkey Collage1


Lots of time for lovin' on our littles...


p11  p6



Different venues for a swim...


PicMonkey Collage


And "firsts" for a few of the babes. First time playing in a lake for the girls. Now, they can really call themselves Canadian.

PicMonkey Collage4


Nola may or may not have drank some. I am going to pretend that it didn't bother me at all.

PicMonkey Collage5


So looking forward to doing that road trip again. Same people, older kids, more drinks!!!

PicMonkey Collage


IG pics from the trip...

PicMonkey Collage3


Nola's Baptism


The day was perfect in every way. Turns out I love baptisms! It was exciting to plan. I was honored to be able to celebrate my girl's marriage into the Church with all our family and close friends. It's the only one of her weddings that I have total control over. So I took advantage.

PicMonkey Collage6

PicMonkey Collage9


Let me mention now that Vita Photography is yet again responsible for capturing all the perfect moments and details of this day that I don't want to forget. If you are in the local area, you need to book with her!!!! The pics are always amazing in every way.

PicMonkey Collage7

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage8


Proud Godparents...

PicMonkey Collage



Love these...

PicMonkey Collage3


Nola was very interested to see who was putting water on her head. By the third time the priest poured it on her, she just had to turn to see what was going on. She had us all smiling.




Family shots...

PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage5

PicMonkey Collage10




Nola and Nonna B. Nonna B completely outdid herself again making the gorgeous dress Nola is wearing. No pattern, no measuring, only one fitting and perfect. We are all spoiled to have her. Also, shes almost 80. Seriously!!!

Love you, Nonna B!!!



These next 2 are what is currently making my life.

My girls...



My family... I heart them!



Perfect day spent with perfect people, honoring the most perfect little girl and her relationship with God.

Happy Days


Florida 2014


Let me start out by saying that this trip could not have come at a better time.

Seriously, y'all, seriously.

Mommy and Daddy had been dealing with a certain high maintenance someone (ahem - not Hazel - ahem) who does not like to sleep for very long stretches at night. She's pretty unreasonable about the whole ordeal. Long story short mommy was on the verge of going to pick up a pack of darts and coming back in 5 years (wink, wink - no not really). Literally, I was so tired that there  isn't a coffee bean (or 500 hundred) harvested in the entirety of Columbia that could have made me feel human.

So, in an effort to not leave and join the circus (which I am sure is much more lax and less dangerous than the current state of our home), we headed south.

And it was well worth the chaos of the airport and prep ahead of time. Hazel had a blast every day. Just being able to take the girls outside for a walk was worth the trip. It was a whole lotta, "doing-what-felt-right-at-the-time" to make decisions on daily activities. Overall, it was a low key, slow paced vacation, which incidentally was EXACTLY what we all needed.



Downtown Disney was a hit. Perfectly paced and perfectly priced. I would totally suggest making the visit. It gives you all the "Disney" feel without spending the "Disney" price. Especially if your kids are small and the big park might be too much.

It was a great afternoon spent bubble blowing, splashing in the splash pad, going on a walking adventure and playing with shadows.





Here is what Nola spent the afternoon doing. Sleeping in the Ergo...



When life gives you lemons in terms of timed sprinklers, make lemonade!




We visited the pool everyday...





Neighborhood pet - crocodile. Yikes!



Mornings, noons and nights hanging out in the lanai.









Spent some time in Celebration. One of our favourite places on earth.


There's a lot of nothing to do. It's perfect. Just walk, eat, splash, play, wish, drink, walk more, eat more. Need I say more?

f8 f9   f12






This dress...




Nightly sunsets...



Our family...



So grateful to have had a cozy place to stay and a chance for our family to reconnect and be present. Also, I there's that.

Happy Saturday!!!

Happy Saturday from sunny Florida!!! We are loving this vaca so much. Nice to be in the heat and outside 90% of the day. It has been such a nice change not having to bundle up two babes to go out and do something.

I will of course post some more pics of our trip next week. I didn't bring the laptop so this pic is the best I can do for now. Also, I think I have figured out the place to put them to get them both to smile at the same time.

The stroller!!!


It kinda forces them to stay in the same place and look in the same direction. Got a couple of good ones while they were in here. I posted them on IG.


"The Disability is Not a Limitation"

  I want to start out by saying that I believe this video would not only be useful in educating today's children and youth, but can also be used to send a message to our entire society that Down syndrome is a disability NOT a limitation.


Included is a short video of a young man, Eli and his father, Justin, sharing their experience climbing to the first base camp of Mount Everest.

How many of you have done that???

In this video Justin (Eli's father) talks about how there is nothing out of the realm of possibility when an individual has Down syndrome. In fact, while they were climbing, Eli's health was often better than all the others who were with them. Justin says, "that [they] were the ones feeling [their] own sense of disability" and Justin was often times leading the group on the climb.

Here is Justin's message:

"For anyone who has a child with a disability...or for the rest of the understand the disability is NOT a limitation and is not outside of the scope of God's goodness...the lives of those with disabilities have infinite worth and they can attempt great things...they can be used powerfully to impact their culture and impact the world"

God's goodness indeed!!! Well said!!!

Watch the video. Show it to your students and children. Help Justin share his message with everyone.


If you are having trouble viewing, click here.



Lesson Idea:

Again just a thought, teachers feel free to share ideas with us about how you incorporated this video into your lesson and/or classroom. I would love to hear!!!

Teachers could use Eli's story as a model for students in the classroom. His story could be used to provide students with a example of something exceptional that a person with a disability has accomplished.

Ages: 13 & up (Grade 8 to grade 12)


  • Have a short mini lesson on some common (but accurate) characteristics of individuals with Down syndrome. For accurate information click here, here and here. Show the students what is expected of them for the assignment.
  • Show Eli's video to the class
  • Have the students in groups or individually go out and research other people that have accomplished unthinkable or exceptional goals who have a disability of any kind.
  • The assignment could include a written portion
  • The students could do a class presentation about the individual and their disability. This way the rest of the class would have the opportunity to be exposed to and learn about other individuals with disabilities and what each disability highlighted might entail.


Students could do a self reflection of what they learned. How this assignment may have helped them to be empathetic toward individuals with disabilities? What was the most important lesson they gained from the assignment? Whether or not this assignment helped them to view individuals with disabilities differently?



I hope this helps even so much as to provide you with just a few helpful links and a video to show your students.

Please let me know if you found this helpful or feel free to share your ideas with us!!!


A Bit of Perfection

Be still my beating heart!!! Nola2

I hope that if you are looking at these you are sure you don't want any more babies. These newborn pics of Nola, by Vita Photography, make ME wanna have another baby. And anyone who has had a baby knows just how absurd the thought of having another this quickly is. I am not saying my baby is the cutest (although I do tend to lean that way), I am saying that Tiffany just has this elegant way of preserving the beauty of a new little life.

Vita, Vita, Vita...

What can I say? Again you captured moments that I never want to forget. This sweet babe has grown so fast. I frequently look back at these photos with a big smile and fond memory of exactly how she was those first few days after we met.





She's so cozy on her Bellalulubaby Blanket...










I never wanna forget the way she feels all squishy and warm cuddled up on my chest. NEVER.


Don't limit Megan...Don't you dare!!!

We are approaching the month of October...  

Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!!


Use this resource to launch a unit on special needs or disabilities in your classroom to make Down Syndrome a topic of conversation this month for your students.





This video NEEDS to be shown in your classroom or to your children!!!

It has a very strong and inspirational message about how people with Down syndrome want and NEED to be treated in the classroom and schools.

This is a video of Megan. She has Down syndrome and a VERY bold and wonderful message to send out about herself and others who also have Down syndrome. This is what she wants the world to know. And she is NOT afraid to say it!!!!



Click here if having trouble viewing

Please don't assume that because your kids go to school with a person that has Down syndrome, or are friends with a person who has it, that they have an accurate understanding of what it means. Actually, I find that it is the opposite. Just because students are all in the same room together doesn't mean that they pay attention to one another.



Lesson Specifics:

I would say this video could be used for any age past 11 or 12 (Grade 6 to grade 12).

It will explain exactly how people with Down syndrome need other students, friends and teacher support in order to reach their full potential. Meagan wants to be fully included in all matters of the classroom and school. She also talks about a mutual respect for everyone with disabilities.

I think that it would be a really easy tool to use to spark conversation and discussion.

Teachers, you know your students best. You could go in so many directions with this video.

I know curriculum is a challenge to get through everyday but PLEASE find some time to show this to your students.


I would love to hear how you used this resource. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post to share your ideas or you experiences with this video in your classrooms or homes!!!




Mad INSANE Love for Vita!!!

v Let me start by saying that I am not a "photo shoot" kind of gal. For Hazel - YES. For me - NO! Even a family shoot is a little out of my comfort zone. But when you see images like this...sigh.

about us


Forget maternity shots!!! And yet I agreed...because...well...


PicMonkey Collage



I know that these moments pass by all to quickly and all we are left with is vague memories. Memories that hopefully include certain scents, a significant sound, or a special place which help us access our past and try to remember everything about that time period.

I find myself staring at Hazel more often than not, taking mental notes on the way she throws her head back and pretends to laugh...



Or the way she makes a pouty little face accompanied by a pouty little sound, which to the best of my knowledge, means she wants a hug.



The way I ask her for a hug, she rests her face on my shoulder and wraps her arms around my neck. When in position, she lets out this little, ever so silent sigh, almost like a breath. It's like she's been waiting forever to be just there, right where she is, perched on my shoulder.

PicMonkey Collage1


Or the way she says, "That's it!" with the accompanying hand motion (like an umpire calling someone safe at home plate after a HUGE play in the game. It's all very dramatic).



Or how she wants to be free to roam around and explore the world...



The way her knees are just starting to lift and bend when she walks. How she still enjoys a good session of the bear walk every now and again (when she wants to go really fast).



I make note of how she feels, smells and eats the grass, mulch, dirt, and basil plants just to see how it feels in her hands and on her tongue.




How excited she gets when I pull the bubbles out. Her face when she sees her daddy. His face when he sees her...



How she would sit and read with us all day. How she would sing and sign, the "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Wheels on the Bus" and "5 Little Ducks" with us after the books were put away.



I could go on and on AND ON. Those are some of the things I don't ever want to forget.

And we always think we won't forget, don't we? But we do. Maybe not fully but the memories fade, we keep what we can in our hearts and heads and move on to try and store new memories.

My point...

This is why I love Vita Photography.

Tiffany gives me all of this to hold on to. She captures all those moments and special little qualities that make Hazel, Hazel.



She gives real life documents of the moments that make us, US. Our family.




I look at the photos and I know what Hazel was doing in each one of them. I know what sound she was making. I know how her body was moving. I know if she was over it and wanted nothing to do with getting that photo done. Also, the times that she was laughing so hard with her daddy that we couldn't help but all laugh together.





I don't know about you but I NEVER want to get my family photos done any other way.




Check out Vita Photography here. Tiff truly has a passion for her job and is able to capture all the beautiful, unique traits that make your family, YOURS.

Sharing LOTS of love today!


Charlie and Isabelle

I'm so excited to be able to post this and start this series on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In honour of a new school year, here is my first attempt at ideas to help to educate our kids. I sincerely hope parents and teachers out there find it useful!!!

Educating Our Kids - Resource #1



Watch this video of Charlie and Isabelle with your children or your classes to try and start a healthy conversation about what it means to have Down syndrome. I think it would be utilized best with younger children, ages 4-7.

If you are in a classroom setting, this video might be a great way to bring up the topic without having to center anybody out.



Click here if you are having trouble viewing the video

Please don't assume that because your kids go to school with a person that has Down syndrome, or are friends with a person who has it, that they have an accurate understanding of what it means. Actually, I find that it is the opposite. Just because students are all in the same room together doesn't mean that they pay attention to one another.



Suggestions for a lesson plan:

*Teachers out are the professionals. This is just what I have come up with. Hope it helps!

Ages: Primary grades (K-2) or ages 4-7

Major Learning Goal: All children are unique creations and have something different to share. Children with Down syndrome achieve all the same goals that other children achieve but at different times. For example, it might take them a little longer to learn how to read, but they will learn how.

Introduction to lesson:

Have a group discussion with your children or students to assess what their prior knowledge of the subject might be. For example, try to find out if they have ever heard of Down Syndrome (or other special needs) and/or what their experience with it might be (this might be difficult with the really young ones, who may not even realize that other kids are different - which is a beautiful thing - you know them best, you be the judge).

Core Lesson:

Show the video to the students and have another brief discussion about things they noticed about Charlie and Isabelle in the video. What was the same about them? What was different? Did they have fun together?


Kindergarten (ages 4-5)

Have the students choose a previously selected colouring picture of an activity they would like to do with Isabelle and Charlie. I have added some printable colouring pics here, here and here, but feel free to use which ever pics suit your students or children best.

Grades 1-2 (ages 6-7)

1. Have the students do a brief journal entry of your choice and an accompanying picture.

2. Have the students pretend a new student has come into their class. This student has Down syndrome. Have them role play healthy ways to welcome this student into the class. Have them come up with activities that they think would make ANY new student feel comfortable.


Close up the discussion by revisiting the major learning goal. All children are unique and should be treated with respect no matter what. I believe children with Down syndrome (or other special needs) should be included in all activities that the others are included in. This way the teacher is providing solid modeling for the children to imitate.


Anyway...that's just an idea!

I am writing this both as a mom and a teacher. I am by no means an expert at either and have not had the opportunity to try this in a classroom. I am open to feedback or ideas about how you incorporated this video into your teaching about DS.

Please feel free to share your ideas and experiences in the comments of this post!!!

I think it is important to provide opportunities for all children to be empathic towards each other. We need to try to teach our kids that everyone is different and capable of different things.

Love for the Family Cottage

Alas...a post that is about something!!! That actually took quite a bit of work to organize. Impressed??? I am going to miss the days where I have only 1 baby who takes a 2 hour nap everyday. I am relishing in the moments of peace, while I only have one little girl on my hands. How long do you think it will take for me to get them on the same nap schedule? HAHA!!! I can't even take that question seriously!


PicMonkey Collage

Our cottage vacation has come to an end again for the year. It has become something of a tradition for us to visit the cottage every August. We look forward to it every year and it always proves to be the most perfectly low maintenance, relaxing family vacation ever.


I am such a sucker for the water. Any water. The sea, beach, ocean, lakes...anything. Even puddles make me want to be a kid again and jump in. The sounds, the smells, the colours. I absolutely LOVE it in all shapes and sizes.




Hazel is a huge fan of the water as well. She loves the feel of the sand in her fingers and toes (and mouth....yuck! We don't get to spend as much time down at the beach as we would like on account of the little girl who once she starts, can't seem to stop).



The beach made a perfect place for lots of shadow play, which Hazel adores.



Almost every night the moon would hang just perfectly, casting a bright reflection on the water like a shiny blanket of warmth.

PicMonkey Collage2



We had some visits from friends and family. Unfortunately, I don't have pics of all the visitors. I just captured a few...

PicMonkey Collage5


A last minute visit from some of our NICU fwends...



Where this adorable situation...



quickly turned into this...and I mean quick. Good times!!!



Even Nico's fwend Molly came to play.



Some grown up games...

PicMonkey Collage4


Ice cream treats...(a lot of ice cream treats)

PicMonkey Collage3


And the absolute BEST part...all the mommy and daddy time. Truly being able to be 100% present and in the moment as a family. Putting aside the "to-do" lists, nesting projects, work, household chores for a whole week is a gift I don't ever take for granted. There is nothing better than having no agenda, time schedule, or expectations. Wake up and do what feels good at the time. Great times!


PicMonkey Collage1


Last but certainly not least - THIS FACE - I kinda love her, just a bit...




Until next year...I will hold on to what memories we made with Hazel this year. I can't wait until she is old enough to remember these times and memories.

Let the nesting begin!

K...Don't be mad...

I am trying to get a quality post up on this blog. I swear I am!!!!! But I am also trying to settle back in at home and into some of our routines. Also, did I mention I am tired (just a 29.5 week phase I'm sure...fingers crossed).

So, AGAIN here are the IG photos from the cottage trip (of which there aren't many). I took the opportunity to almost totally unplug from social media (even IG...I know it's crazy for me). It was a lovely little break with no distractions. Just time spent with my favourite people.


PicMonkey Collage

I will try to make it up to you in the coming posts. Good news is I worked on my birth story...A LOT!!! Stay tuned.

And I will be posting a "Happy Friday" post this week with some of my absolute favourite photos of all time.

Until then...

Weekend Round Up

This weekend was a lot about waking-up-and-doing-what-felt-right-in-that-moment and a little about rushing-around-to-try-and-be-everywhere. Especially, since Hazel came down with a stomach bug to start the weekend off with a bang. Her first one ever, so I guess I can't complain, but we certainly weren't laughing about this one (unlike the bronchiiiiiiiiiiitis). There was definitely not enough sleep to go around this weekend for any of us, but she is on the mend and is back to her active, loud, happy little self. However, now she is getting both of her eye teeth and one of her bottoms all at the same time. Needless to say she is a little irritable at times.

Looking back at the pics from this weekend, I feel like we still managed to enjoy small moments together as a family and get some visits in as well. Success!!!


We had a visit from Nonna, Nonno B and Zia Gina. Just try and tell Hazel she's not going to get her license one day. Good luck to that pour soul.

PicMonkey Collage1



We made it to the Farmer's Market to grab some treats and then hang in the park.

PicMonkey Collage


We made it to the cottage for a visit with family.



(PS: We get to go here, to this place, anytime we want...Lucky much?)


We had time to get the all time BEST photo taken of the 4 girls.


Her cousins are always up for some Hazel lovin'.

PicMonkey Collage


My all time favourite moment. Let me just say the pregnancy hormones are at an all time high around here at the moment. Which means I am either breathing fire or on the verge of tears (or both at the exact same moment - Awesome!). Anyway, there were a few times this weekend that these 2 had me choking back tears. This was one. And the others, I get to store in my memory and keep to myself. I adore these 2. I adore how much they love each other more than anything else.



Nico. Just because in the 6.5 years that we have had her, her ears have almost NEVER both been up at the same time.



Lastly, this video is great. Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke and The Roots. Instead of listening to Big Parade we listened to and watched this. Amazing what can be done with a bunch of kids toys. Hazel was into it, dancing and carrying on.

I *heart* Jimmy Fallon...sigh

Click here if having trouble viewing


Peace & Gratitude


"Oh Lawd Jesus There's a Fire"

We have been super lucky with Hazel over the last year, sickness-wise. Yesterday was the first time that we have ever had to bring her to the clinic for a cold or virus. She got a mild cough about a week ago that just seemed like it wasn't going away or getting any better. Hazel was in great spirits, sleeping well and just seemed like herself so we didn't worry. Anyway, we brought her in just to be sure and the doctor said she had bronchitis. No big deal, just some anti-biotic and she will be as good as new.

So, Why am I telling you this?

The reason is that this video that I have posted has completely and utterly made it impossible for me to hear the word "bronchitis" with out giggling out loud, just a bit. If you haven't seen Sweet Brown describe a small local fire at her neighbours house then you need to watch. Her accent, her description, her personality. I LOVE IT ALL!!! She is hilarious.



Click here if having trouble viewing the video


Let's just say, when Matt came out from talking to the doctor and he told me she had "Bronchiiiiiiiiiiiitis" in a Sweet Brown accent (after we chuckled), I was glad I wasn't the one who had to keep a straight face with the doctor.

I just want to say that I, in NO way think that a house fire is funny, or anyone who has to deal with bronchitis, or the fact that my daughter has it (I feel for her...really I do). I just really enjoy Sweet Brown's description is all. I hope you get a chuckle out of it as well (not that Hazel has bronchitis - or house fires - or anyone else who has it - but the video - ok - have I said too much?).


Ain't nobody got time for that!


Feel free to follow us on IG @ Chasing_Hazel.

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Makin' Some Memories

We recently went to a cottage in Brighton, Ontario for a little quality family time with Hazel's cousins that live in Peterborough. It was easily one of the best cottage vacations that we have ever been on. It was filled with beautifully serene moments on a quiet lake, gorgeous sunsets, turtles laying eggs and swans that gracefully floated by.

FRICKEN SWANS!!!!!! Seriously...RIGHT?!

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Oh...yes...and there were babies.

Babies who may have been a little too eager to see what his big brothers and Hazel were up to. Babies who like to get into everything they are way to young for and see what all the fuss is about. This little man was never happier than when amidst all the chaos of the other rowdy kids. Much to his own detriment, he sniffed out the action and assured he was always in the center. This kid likes to live in the danger zone.




There was a day on the beach, where the kids couldn't have been happier and the parents couldn't have been colder. But we did what we had to do and let the kids do their thing. Apparently, their "thing" included long runs up and down the shoreline of the water (and perhaps a little dip in the water that was way to cold for human body temperatures).



Her "thing" included eating fistfuls of sand. That was super fun for me.



My bump was there too.

(Yes - that is a receiving blanket wrapped around my neck posing as a scarf - it was cold!!!)



Lots of giggles when Sawyer couldn't seem to figure out how to get his VERY cold t-shirt off. He worked it out, it came off in the end.



Obligatory "we're on vacation at the beach" couples photo.







Little boys who are too little to be standing up looking outside.




Stolen moments with my girl where she was so tired she had a 4 hour nap. She's so squishy in my arms when she sleeps, it's like we are one body again. I kinda like it.



This could not be a more perfect picture. There was a lot of this all weekend long. Lots of lovin' on daddy moments for all the kids.


A happy Father's Day to all!!!




Finding leaves that were bigger than our heads. Why not?




I taught the kids to play war. The first game lasted 4 hours. Sawyer didn't really like winning the 2s or 3s. Those cards don't win you other cards, now do they? have to have ALL the cards to win the game. He conceded and took the 2s and 3s (and won the game).







I love that Cooper and Sawyer are at the age where they are going to remember this vacation. They are going to remember playing hockey by the water, having dance parties in the kitchen, running on the beach, taking walks, visiting towns, fishing off the dock and playing the kind of games that are just more fun when you are at a cottage. I love that it is uninterrupted time that our families get to spend together with no agendas, no chores - life isn't getting in the way. We can just "BE", whatever that means for the moment we are in.

I can't wait to make this a new family tradition every year and couldn't think of better people to do it with.

Until next time...

Happy Cottage Weekend!!!!

Please forgive me for being a little late with the Friday post. We are away for a relaxing cottage weekend in Brighton, Ontario. A gorgeous little gem of a spot on Lake Ontario.  


We are with a few of our favourite peeps and I couldn't be happier. I am doing my best to try to stay unplugged and away from social media (except IG, of course) but I thought I would share this little piece of heaven with you this weekend.




Also, I MUST say I am shocked that I fully opened the door for you to ask me any and all questions about ANYTHING and you took it very easy on me. I will answer the few questions next week when we are back. Thanks to those who asked. I love hearing from you all!!!

More photos of this great weekend to come...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!